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Achieve Wealth Creation in a High-Interest Rate Market with Australia's Leading Real Estate & Buyer’s Agency

Looking to achieve wealth creation and build financial prosperity through property? Then you’ve come to the right place. I’m Andries Lubbe, and my company, Xpand Property, has consistently outperformed the market’s average capital growth by 11% per annum.

We accomplish this by leveraging a broader spectrum of marketing channels and making data-driven decisions to identify the most lucrative investment opportunities for our clients.

Our investment focus at Xpand Property is not just about finding property; it’s about discovering potential. Through advanced analytics and a suite of specialised tools, we delve deep into the market trends, enabling us to uncover high-growth properties that promise not just a return on investment but a pathway to lasting wealth.

Xpand Property


We are Xpand Property

Xpand Property is a full-service buyer’s agency. As Buyers Advocates, we specialise in below market value investments providing high yield and growth.

Our team provides a tailored experience throughout the whole process. We take the time to understand you and your goals so we can help you apply the most effective investment strategies when sourcing and negotiating properties for your portfolio. We want to share our knowledge and help others get into the property market. We work with property investors, buyers, sellers and tenants! Here at Xpand Property we are working to get you the best deal and the best value for money.

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The value we add

We work to ensure you acquire the best deal.

  • We have access to information inside the real estate sector through our network and partnerships.
  • Trusted network of Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, Financial Advisors and Conveyancers to support you during your journey.
  • Strict due diligence checklist to mitigate any risk and maximise your investment.
  • Real time access to data, statistics and analysis of the market in over 5000+ markets around Australia.
  • Intimate knowledge of the market and the market conditions.
  • Investment strategies that will fast track your portfolio.
  • Construction expertise and knowledge to the highest standards.
  • Trade knowledge, market trends and current pricing rates.
  • Attends all the viewings, taking care of all the paperwork and negotiations.
  • Oversee the settlement phase including any inspections, pest & building inspections and making sure the property has not been damaged or changed since the day the offer was accepted.
  • Development strategies and commercial property experience.
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Our Team

Meet our team of property specialists.

Andries Lubbe 370x550
Andries Lubbe
Andries Lubbe

Andries has 8 years property investing experience & 10+ years in the construction industry. His passion equally lies between construction and property. He is a people’s person and loves a good chat.


Henna Watson
Buyer's Agent
Henna Watson
Buyer's Agent

Henna comes from both the corporate & private sector. She has 10+ years property investing experience with a multi-million dollar property portfolio. Henna has a passion to help & support others to achieve their property goals


Kate Williams
Kate Williams
Investor Relations
Kate Williams
Investor Relations

Kate is a qualified Assistant Agent and comes from an extended background in early childhood education and care. Her love for property and investing sees her live out her passion. With a warm heart, energetic nature and an eye for detail, working with Kate is a signature of success.

Why use a real estate & buyer's agency?

  • Gain an edge by having your own advocate who is representing your interests 100% throughout the purchasing process.
  • Understand the complexities and processes of buying by providing objective information, advice and support.
  • Save time by searching for and analysing property on your behalf. Having someone do this for the buyer often results in a more efficient and faster outcome.
  • Negotiate to obtain the very best price and terms.
  • Source the correct property in the right location with better prospects for capital growth and/or rental yield.
  • Access databases and information not readily available to the public, including increased access to properties off market.
  • Eliminate stress by having one representative looking after your needs, rather than dealing with several different selling agents.


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