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Xpand Property is a full-service buyers agency. As Buyers Advocates, we work for the buyer sourcing and negotiating properties for your portfolio.

Our team provides a tailored experience throughout the whole process. We want to share our knowledge and help others get into the property market. We work with property investors, buyers, sellers and tenants! At Xpand Property, we are working to get you the best deal and the best value for money.


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At Xpand, we use up-to-date property strategies, we have access to over 5000 markets across Australia and have a great network to find your next investment (including off market properties). We take the emotion out of the buying process and you get the expertise that negates misinformation and overpricing. We follow very strict criteria when it comes to sourcing and negotiating properties for our buyer’s agency clients. We listen to our client, then we go away and do the work to execute the clients brief.

We strive to strategically find properties that are:

  • Below market value
  • Locations with strong indicators of capital growth
  • High rental yields
  • Strategies for instant equity

the buying process.

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Client Exploration

We take the time upfront to get to know you, your dreams and aspirations, and in turn work with you to make those a reality. Whether you are a first time investor, or growing your investment portfolio - we use a comprehensive data set and a apply critical understanding of local markets to help you expand your portfolio.

We have access to over 5000 markets across Australia and have a great network to find your next investment. The fundamentals we look for in investment property markets include; - Historical price tendency - Investment in the area - Socio-economic factors - Rental demand - Sales data

Market Selection
Suburb Selection

When hand-picking suburbs, we explore up-and-coming neighbourhoods that could attract a price increase in the short to medium term. Making sure we consider the varying streets and neighbourhoods within a suburb, as this can influence the value of your investment. 

Once we have settled on a local market, we start analysing the potential property type. Selecting the correct property can transcend the market. We utilise a number of key measures to appreciate the market. This includes reviewing new property supply, existing stock levels and historical demand for all property types.

Property Category
The Hunt Begins

The final step is choosing the property and we consider all aspects, including value add techniques, street appeal and strategies to outperform the market.

buyer's agent services.

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Full Service

This service is completely turn key. After understanding your buyer brief, we connect you with opportunities, assess the property, complete our due diligence checks and negotiate the best possible price. Services that we connect you with are mortgage brokers, conveyancers, building and pest inspectors. We liaise with all parties to ensure settlement is seamless. Price on request.

View & Negotiate

This service will suit buyers who prefer to source and search for their own property, but would like a professional buyer’s agent to offer advice on market value, undertake the appropriate due diligence checks, negotiate the best price, and then ensure settlement is seamless. If you’re after some advice once you’ve found a property, this could be the perfect solution for you. $2,500 + GST

Auction Bidding

When you’re facing the prospect of an auction, it is sensible to enlist a professional. We will take the emotion, stress and uncertainty out of the auction buying process. We discuss the various strategies available, formulate a plan for the day and work through scenarios. We will offer our professional opinion on the value of the property, on the location and growth within the area. $1,100 + GST

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Whilst our main focus is helping buyers find awesome investment properties, we also offer a range of other services which go hand-in-hand in your purchasing journey. 

Buyers Agent
Buyers Agency
Buyers Agency

We find, source, and negotiate properties that meet our strict investment criteria. Our trusted network and contacts means we can secure deals before they even hit the market. We have access to over 5000 markets country wide! Let us work together for a successful outcome.

Conveyance Services
Conveyance Services

We explain the conveyancing process in easy-to-understand terms and organise this on your behalf, we also save you time & money through our relationships with our referral partners.

Building & Pest
Building & Pest
Building & Pest

We take the stress out of it by organising the complete Pest & Building Inspections and sitting down with you and explaining everything in simple terms. We hold your hand through the complete process. We take the hassle out!

Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.

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