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Explore Our FAQ to Learn More About How Xpand Property Can Support Your Real Estate Journey.

Xpand Property is a full-service real estate & buyers agency. As Buyers & Sellers Advocates, we specialise in below market value investments providing high yield & growth.

Our team provides a tailored experience throughout the whole process. We take the time to understand you and your goals so we can help you apply the most effective investment strategies when sourcing and negotiating properties for your portfolio. We work with property investors, buyers, sellers and tenants! Here at Xpand Property we are working to get you the best deal and best value for mo

The Sales Agent works exclusively for the person selling the property to secure the highest price. The Buyers Agent works exclusively for the investor/buyer to purchase the property at the best possible price as well as Terms & Conditions.

When you are purchasing property, it can be quite beneficial to get pre-approval for any loans that will be involved. This will help to avoid significant delays should you find a property that fits your exact specifications. As the housing market in Australia is strong, many properties have a very short shelf life on the open market. While other prospective buyers are still getting the necessary loan paperwork together, you could be acting on purchasing a solid investment. Getting a loan before beginning the search for an investment property is imperative to be able to act quickly and secure the property before you lose the opportunity.

Now comes the most exciting time – searching for the perfect property – Xpand Property will do all the heavy lifting of finding the right property that suits your investment strategy.

Most people will only purchase one, maybe two properties in their lifetime. They lack the skills to negotiate, are time poor or miss out on properties due to their lack of knowledge. At Xpand Property, we use up-to-date property strategies, we have access to over 5000 markets across Australia and have a great network to find your next investment (including off market properties). We take the emotion out of the buying process and you get the expertise that negates misinformation and overpricing.

We do all the running around, take the strain away from finding the right property, do all of the negotiation, arrange for pest inspections, other property inspections (if required) and inspect the property with years of construction knowledge. We can also act on your behalf during an auction and bid without emotion to secure the best possible price. Let Xpand Property help you find your dream home if investing is not for you. We save you time, money and remove all the stress that go with purchasing/negotiating the best possible price.

Xpand Property can help with managing the property, we look after your investment the same way we look after our own. As part of this process, we find you a suitable tenant, manage their expectations, maintain the property, undertake annual inspections and provide you with a full report. Xpand Property also takes care of the maintenance and arrange for professional trades to carry out the works. We take care of the rent monies and provide monthly rental income statement.

Not only do you get a great team to assist you with your purchase, our team has years of experience within Tier 1 construction companies, estimating experience, building design knowledge, we always act professional and we work exclusively for you. Our hearts and minds are intrenched in all things property, making this one of the best investments you can make.

At Xpand Property, we work with you to set out a strategy and go in-depth into your personal situation. Each client is different, and have different desires. We sit down and work out your strategy, what finances you have, what we can achieve, and ultimately, how to get you into the market and grow your portfolio. If you want to set yourself up for an exciting future, contact our team today and arrange for a MAP Session.

Our team has access to extensive knowledge in regards to research and analysis of past sales history, comparable data and current listing prices. This enables you to make an informed decision, not an emotional one, and buy a property at the right price. The average person buys a property once every 10 years, at Xpand Property we negotiate multiple properties a year for our clients using creative strategies to secure your investment.

On average we find a property within 30 days, sometimes less, it all depends if you are ready to purchase and what properties are available on the market.

Our retainer fee is non-refundable because we are here to complete the work. Our ultimate goal is to have a satisfied client who wants to carry on a relationship and build on their investment dream.

If you decide to cancel your search for any reason at all, we request a seven-day notice in writing of cancellation. Please note that when you provide a written notice of cancellation, the retainer fee is non-refundable. If you wish to put your search on hold, your retainer fee remains valid so that you can resume your search once you are ready.

Fees charged by Buyers Agents may be tax deductible if buying an investment property, but not for an apartment or house that you intend on occupying. We always recommend you discuss any financial decisions with a reputable accountant or tax specialist.

Contact our friendly team on 0410 647 943 or email us at today for a fixed price quote or Discovery Session.

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