The Success Story of Revitalising 62 Pritchett Street, Yass NSW for a Modern Era


The story of 62 Pritchett Street, Yass NSW, is a compelling showcase of how targeted renovations and astute market timing can transform a modest property into a coveted modern home, resulting in a sale that nearly doubled its investment value. Purchased for $429,000 and rejuvenated with an additional $50,000 investment in makegood, landscaping, sheds, and alfresco areas, this property sold for $810,000 in January 2024, marking a significant milestone in strategic property investment.

The Client Brief

Our client sought to capitalize on the potential of an undervalued property through renovations that would enhance its appeal and market value. The aim was to create a space that felt both modern and welcoming, with outdoor living areas that could exploit the property’s location. Xpand Property was tasked with identifying key areas for improvement that would yield the highest return on investment.

The Strategy

The renovation strategy focused on maximizing the property’s appeal through cost-effective yet impactful updates. This meant prioritizing areas that significantly influence buyer perceptions, such as the kitchen, living spaces, and outdoor areas. We embarked on a journey to enhance the property’s aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that each dollar spent on renovations would translate into increased property value.

The Outcome

The transformation of 62 Pritchett Street is a testament to the effectiveness of strategic renovation and the importance of market timing. With an overall investment of $479,000, the property’s sale for $810,000 in January 2024 underscores the potential for substantial returns in the real estate market. This project highlights the importance of thoughtful improvements and the impact they can have on property valuation.


62 Pritchett Street stands as a beacon of smart investment and renovation excellence. It exemplifies how well-planned and executed renovations can dramatically increase a property’s appeal and market value. At Xpand Property, our dedication to unlocking the hidden potential in properties through strategic improvements and market insights continues to drive success for our clients. This property’s journey from overlooked to overjoyed serves as inspiration for investors looking to make their mark in the real estate landscape.


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