The Success Story of 5 Walgrove Road, Manton Yass


Nestled in the serene landscape of Manton Yass, 5 Walgrove Road epitomizes the essence of rural charm fused with luxury living. This property’s journey from a modest $720,000 land and construction investment to a staggering $1.58 million sale in January 2024, unfolds a story of visionary development and strategic investment that redefines semi-rural living.

The Client Brief

Our challenge was set by a client dreaming of converting a piece of rural land into a high-value, luxurious yet homely retreat. With an initial investment geared towards purchasing and developing the land, the brief was to craft a space that balanced the tranquility of rural life with the conveniences and luxuries of modern living. Xpand Property accepted the challenge, ready to navigate the complexities of rural development and market demands.

The Strategy

Our approach hinged on embracing the property’s natural beauty while introducing modern architectural elements and amenities. The strategy involved detailed market analysis to understand the growing trend towards semi-rural living, enabling us to position the property as a desirable escape from urban life. Attention to detail in the design and construction phases ensured that every aspect of the home catered to those seeking a blend of luxury and nature.

The Outcome

The transformation of 5 Walgrove Road is a testament to strategic planning and market insight. After 20 months post-completion, the property was sold for $1.05 million, culminating in a January 2024 sale for an impressive $1.58 million. This outcome not only highlights the financial success of the project but also reflects the increasing value and appeal of luxury, semi-rural properties.


5 Walgrove Road stands as a beacon for potential investors and homebuyers, illustrating the lucrative potential of semi-rural properties when approached with vision and strategic execution. At Xpand Property, we’re dedicated to pioneering spaces that resonate with luxury, comfort, and the intrinsic value of nature. This project exemplifies our commitment to transforming rural landscapes into coveted living spaces, marking another milestone in our journey of creating exceptional homes for discerning clients.

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